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Evergreen Necklace 長青項鍊

NT$ 2,880.00

Pine Collection

Pine tree is green all year round. In wintertime, it hibernates to restore energy. It starts budding and growing pine cones in springtime, and silently continues its life cycle. Even though pine trees stand still on the same spots all their life long, they have close relationship with the surrounding creatures. They communicate and support each other, they are as the same as our human society.

In both eastern and western world, there are moral message and spiritual entrustment based on the evergreen pine trees. For example, pine trees are symbolized as longevity, eternity, and chastity in the east; In the west, pine trees are decorated as Christmas trees at home, looking forward to the coming of the spring green and the awakening of life after the dark long winter.

Evergreen Necklace

Dark green Taiwan jade has an obscure texture which can only be seen when the light is shining through it, and that is what makes every piece of jade unique. A simple handcrafted prong setting with snake chain necklace is a mix of the classic and modern style. This piece is named after the evergreen of the pine, hoping for the spring of vitality to flow endlessly onward.

  • Material: 18K Gold-Plated Brass and Taiwan Jade
  • Pendant Diameter: 2.8 cm
  • Necklace length is 50 cm (20 inches)
  • Listing is for one necklace
  • This product requires at least 14 working days for shipment 






  • 材質:黃銅精鍍18K黃金、台灣玉
  • 墜飾直徑:2.8 公分
  • 項鍊尺寸為 50 公分 (20英吋)
  • 售價為一只項鍊
  • 此商品需要只少14個工作日(不含假日)



Wild Treasure is on vacation until 13th January 2019. During the this period, you can still place orders, they will be made and shipped after we are back to studio. Thank you!



Every product is made to order, brass and sterling silver product requires 5-7 working days (excluding holidays), 18K gold-plated product requires at least 14 working days. Thank you for your patience.

所有商品為接單訂製,黃銅、純銀商品製作時間約為 5-7 個工作日(不含假日),電鍍18K商品只少需要14個工作日。請您耐心等候,非常感謝您的體諒!