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Smoky Memories Necklace 煙灰色記憶項鍊

NT$ 2,480.00

乾裂的柴放入百年歷史的黑鐵壁爐,爐火的煙由深灰色煙囪裊裊升起,從容無邊地融入天空。微微刺鼻熏味瀰漫屋子 ,心卻安安暖暖的,在異地享受著歸屬感。

  • 材質:925純銀、天然淡水珍珠、瑪瑙
  • 項鍊尺寸為約 45 公分 (18英吋),可調短至約40公分(16吋)
  • 售價為一只項鍊
  • 此為預購商品,製作天數為4-5週(不含假日)

  • Material: Sterling Silver, Cultured Pearl and Agate
  • Necklace length is approximately 45 cm (18 inches), can be adjusted to 40 cm (16 inches)
  • Listing is for one necklace
  • This is a pre-ordering item, please allow 4-5 weeks for shipment (excluding holidays)


Every product is made to order, brass product requires 5-7 working days (excluding holidays), 18K gold-plated product requires at least 14 working days. Thank you for your patience.  

所有商品為接單訂製,黃銅商品製作時間約為 5-7 個工作日(不含假日),電鍍18K商品只少需要14個工作日。請您耐心等候,非常感謝您的體諒!